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Our mission is to be at the forefront of new approaches in the food industry through international partnerships, unique food innovations, epicurean entertainment, and social cause.

Through our exclusive line of international partner brands, we connect small batch and hand crafted specialty food products to the U.S. consumer base. This helps food makers in hard to reach, far ends of the world, and it brings something new to consumers - also serving to educate them on cultures in developing countries. We support their communities by donating a percentage of our profits to local charities leading humanitarian efforts and wildlife preservation causes.

In addition to our international culinary delights, Rare Flavor Co is inspired by new food technology and sustainability, which serves as the driving force behind the development of our very own product lines in premium snacks and spice mix varieties.

To ravel it all together, we tell great stories to share our explorations and find new ways to entertain our followers. 

Explore with us!


Founded in 2017 by Matthew Baughman in San Francisco, California Rare Flavor Co started with a passion for creativity, originality, and culture - all connected through food.

These passions were discovered through jalapeño eating contests in a elementary school cafeteria, Warheads sour candy at corner stores growing up in Atlanta, intense flavors found in street food and markets while traveling the world, cooking at home with family, and a never ending love for Rare Flavors.

We hope you enjoy our website and we'd love to hear from you, partner with you, and share ideas.