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Densuke Watermelon

The Densuke watermelon is considered to be the world’s most expensive watermelon and can cost up to $6,000 each for a minimum of 250. This fruit’s final price represents the quantity of time and commitment to its room for cultivation.

Densuke watermelon’s most precious variety, producing big fruits up to 8 pounds, lower than the normal size sold in Europe and the United States, but in Japan they cost much more than their weight. They are very uncommon and there are less than a hundred each year.

Varieties of watermelon fruits are being cultivated the world over, featuring variation in their size, shape, and flesh color (red, orange, and yellow). In Japan, the black-skinned Toma watermelons (densuke watermelon) are famous for their sweeter-than-usual taste in comparison to normal melons, and therefore, fetch higher prices.

This Japanese watermelon grows only on Hokkaido’s northern island; its flavor is unprecedented, with a totally distinct and much greater rate of sweetness, characterized by a very red and crunchy (more or less the same consistency of our watermelons) with very few seeds. It is renowned for its hard skin that sometimes appears black and shiny with a very dark shade of green. The Densuke Watermelon is not yet commonly grown outside Japan, but the seeds in Europe and America are beginning to be commercially accessible. It is essential to understand for what concerns the amateur cultivation of these watermelons that it generally occupies a significant quantity of room and is therefore not easily nest able in many gardens.