This is a dish from Mexico that is certain to make your jaws drop down – either in wonder or in appall to release what you simply put into your mouth. The cuisine is produced using the hatchlings and eggs of the Liometopum insect.

The Liometopum subterranean insect is anything but a benevolent and little being. It is a monster that is forceful and takes on more than it could possibly deal with now and again. These forceful ants have an amazing chomp and that makes the accumulation of their eggs and hatchlings an exceptionally intense activity.

The nibble is additionally venomous and makes it even more motivation to avoid the insect. However, this inborn threat appears to add rush and flavor to the dish that is made of the insect eggs and hatchlings. With regards to taste, Escamilla is marginally nutty and rich.

 The eggs are about the size of beans. With a consistency that matches that of nutty cottage cheese, it is frequently eaten in a taco with guacamole with a liberal sprinkling of frenzy! A few people who have eaten it guarantee that it possesses a flavor like a blend of bacon alongside nutty spread. Some others guarantee that it suggests a flavor like corn.