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The Banana is botanically a berry and grows from large flowering plants, in many sizes, firmnesses, and colors: from green, yellow, red, purple, and brown.

From Any Warhol to Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand, the banana is a memorable and important pop culture symbol. But even more importantly, fully ripe bananas with innumerable benefits have a little secret. There are so many kinds of bananas used in cuisines all around the world. Want to know more about it? Keep on reading!

Bananas Foster

Photo Credits: NewOrleansRestaurants.com

A combination of hot and cold; vanilla ice cream and flamed bananas, banana foster is the melt-in-your-mouth breakfast you would never say no to. This nummy finger-licking recipe was created at Brennan’s restaurant by Chef Paul Blangé and Ella Brennan in 1951. Created in New Orleans, a major hub for the import of South American bananas, its named after the chairman of the New Orleans Crime Commission Richard Foster, a freind of Owen Brennan’s. Can you believe that it is the most ordered breakfast item?



Photo Credits: My Colombian Recipes

Plantains, much less sweet than a regular banana are staple food in Latin America, which was discovered almost 2000 years ago. You’d be surprised to know they are just as loved in Latin America as rice is; from savory to sweet dishes, they can be used in numerous recipes such as cheese stuffed plantains and plantain chips.

Photo Credits: Eatboutique.com

Photo Credits: Laylita.com


Banana Cue

Photo Credits: Filipino Cuisine

The Philippines is home to “saba” bananas, which grows in the tropics. Fresh saba bananas are used in making the delicious Filipino afternoon snack, the banana cue. Without much of a history, it remains the most consumed mid-noon street snack in the Philippines. Richly coated in brown sugar and skewered, it is pretty wonderful in taste, appears tantalizing and super easy to make at home too. No doubts, it offers a great deal of nutrition, much needed during the noon.

Chuối Chiên

Photo credits: OC Vietnamese Professionals

Chuối chiên is a crispy fried toothsome version of fried bananas. Being the most eaten dessert snack in Vietnam. Vietnam has roots of a special lady-finger banana called chuoi xiem, a lot sweeter and fragrant than any other kind of banana. Fascinatingly, fully ripped version has a black color on the outside. In Vietnam, it is generously enjoyed as a sweet snack on the streets any time of the day.



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