Naute Kristall

NamGin: Namibian Devil's Claw Gin

Namibia‘s original handcrafted Gin carries the soul into a soothing sea of aromas. The Kalahari‘s Devil‘s Claw, in balanced combination with traditional ingredients, gives NamGin its truly Namibian character: Lavender, Devil's Claw, Juniper Berries, Oranges, Java Pepper, Ginger, Devil's Claw Flower, Lemon, Acacia Flower


Saigon Charlie's

Vietnam Smoked Chili Sauces

Saigon Charlie's is a 100 year old Le family recipe from Huế in central Vietnam.

The chilies are grown by families outside Huế that supplied produce to the Imperial family for 300 years. As Social entrepreneurs we work with them to help them get freedom from poverty by growing good quality produce; which we buy for a premium price.