Sea Strawberries and Their Health Benefits

Gersemia rubiformis, popularly known as Sea strawberries are found coral reefs in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. If you had to take a bite into them, you’d find them succulent with an extremely juicy center. When you peel them and taste, it isn’t much different from the actual strawberries but a little salty. They are a type of soft coral which are found in polar to temperate regions. A larger ground of sea strawberries is usually feeding grounds of lobsters and other marine species like baste stars. This pale pink-orange succulent species is also a type of seaweed but is not directly targeted by fisheries. 

Some ferment them further to intensify the floral flavours and later is used to extract their juice. Sea strawberries are also served as a popular dessert along with almond milk in Chile. It is a popular indigenous Chilean ingredient that is used in some of the innovative yet traditional dishes. One interesting fact about sea strawberries is that it grows only three weeks in a year and hence, the demand for it is higher making the availability lower. At first, you might look at it and wonder if they are like the regular strawberries you’ve picked up from the market, but believe us when we say, they may not look alike, but they do taste almost the same but with a slight saltiness. 

What are some of the health benefits of sea strawberry? 

  1. Apart from being a great source of fibre, vitamins and high levels of antioxidants, sea strawberries are packed with proteins too. 
  • Sea strawberries are considered to be the best for cardiovascular health. It not only improves your cholesterol profile but also balances blood pressure and oxidative stress.
  • Sea strawberries might not be readily available in the market, but if they are, we suggest you get hold of them to help you with the weight management plan. From making smoothies out of them to using them as a part of your diet dessert, they can do tasty wonders to your diet plan. They help burn stored fat in your body and is low on calories.
  • Being an exceptional source of Vitamin C, sea strawberries helps boost your immune system too. 

This delicious find is low on calories and is a perfect choice of diet addition. If you were to forage for it, you might find some in Chile and Italy during the summer season, but we are now going to make it readily available to you. Produced beneath the blue waters, this protein rich marine species can now be bought online, add them to your healthy lifestyle.