Spice Profiles

Spice Profile: Mace

Cousin to Nutmeg, Mace is lighter, subtler, and sweeter than nutmeg.

Imagine a cross between nutmeg and coriander, tinged with citrus and cinnamon. Add to that the same nostril-widening properties that nutmeg, mint, and basil share. Then add the complexity raw sugar.

Nutmeg is actually a fruit with a hard stone at its center, like peaches, plums, and cashews. That stone (a seed, really) is what we use as nutmeg. Surrounding the seed is a bright red alien webbing, which dries into what we call mace in units called blades. As you’d expect, the two spices have similar flavors. But mace is a whole different game, as worthy of a culinary adventure as nutmeg, if not more so.