Food Trends

Summer Food Trends


If you are a foodie then you must be waiting for some avant-garde food trends to fill in savors during your summer holidays. Booze-free beverages like mocktails and cold brew tonics have already become a summer staple, but what else? Here is a variety of food adventures for you to revel in this summer:


Veggies Regnant

After all, it always to eat a light and dry diet in hot weather. Veg-only menus; flavorful vegetable side dishes and finger-licking’ good vegetable main dishes are waiting for you. Get ready to have delectable veggie food at your favorite restaurants too!

Ramen sans Broth

Sounds a little strange, right? But the newfangled Japanese style ramen a.k.a “mazemen” is the most luscious food you’ll ever have. It may be a no-broth ramen, but it’s fully loaded with scrumptious flavors. There’s a sauce added to springy noodles with eggs, grilled pork, ginger, green onions and mushrooms, making it completely taste lip-smacking!


Doughnuts with bonus

Instead of the doughnuts traditionally stuffed with chocolate, fruits, and vanilla, this summer is going to serve you doughnuts with anomalous fillings! It is thrilling to note that the doughnuts are going to be filled with some scrummy flavors like alcohol flavored creams, all types of breakfast cereal, peanut butter and jelly, bacon, mango, s’mores and candy bars.

Savor Edible Flowers

Flowers are not just a beautiful plant to adore anymore, edible flowers are the new garnish ingredient for summer. You can simply garnish your dishes like sushi, salad, drinks, desserts, breakfast cereal bowl, and a cocktail with it and make them look beautiful and appetizing!

Turn it all Green

Do you dote on matcha latte? With Matcha in your kitchen, your summer menu is all taken care of. More and more of the recipes are incorporating healthy crushed matcha leaves. Whether its pancakes, berries, ice creams or macarons, matcha is going to be all over them.

Hold your breaths, because the summer food trends are exceptionally mouth-watering and relishing. This summer, be adventurous and try them all!