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Terremoto’s in the Chilean Summer

It’s summer in Chile and that means a cold drink of wine and pineapple ice-cream. You heard that right…it’s as unique as they come!

While traveling in Santiago and wondering around the Central Market, we ran into La Piojera, which translates to “The Locksmith” in English. After entering and walking through a long cobblestone hallway, you’re engulfed in a no frills, cement floor room, tightly packed with locals sitting at beat up tables enjoying these drinks and local beers. The bartender insisted we stay and try this unique drink called a Terremoto, which means Earthquake.

Check out the recipe below!


There are only four simple ingredients for this cocktail

  • PipeƱo wine, also know as cucumber wine (You can switch this out for a sweet white wine of your choice)
  • Grenadine, although it is also common to switch this with a mint licqueur
  • Fernet-Branc
  • Pineapple ice cream


  • Add two – three small scoops of pineapple ice cream to a 500cc glass
  • Add 1/2 of a shot glass of Grenadine
  • Fill the rest of the glass up with the chilled cucumber wine
  • Add a splash of Fernet-Branc on top
  • Lightly stir with a straw and enjoy