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Tide Pod Gourmet

One of the first viral “foods” of 2018 isn’t actually food at all: for some reason beyond any sensible person’s ability to comprehend, people are eating Tide’s laundry detergent pods as part of the “Tide Pod Challenge”.

Although reminiscent of a delicious giant gusher, it’s still never a good idea to consume poison – even Rob Gronkowski knows that.

This unfortunate social media trend got us thinking about orange and blue foods that ARE edible – especially because any blue appearing foods seem hard to come by! (see bottom of article for more on blue foods!)

Below is a list of five foods we found in this category, three directly related to the recent tide pod challenge (1,3,5).

1. Tide Pod Sushi

Ingredients: Unknown, but our best guess is purple cabbage, carrot, and rice paper.

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Source: Mashable

2. Blue Sticky Rice with Egg Custard

Ingredients: sticky rice died with naturally blue butterfly pea flowers from Thailand, served with either mango (when in season) or egg custard.

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Source: LA Weekly

3. Tide Pod Shots

Ingredients: Bailey’s Irish Cream, vodka with orange food coloring and the blue citrus liqueur Curacao.

Tide pod shot

Source: Philly Voice

4. Bluechai Blue Tea with Orange Slice

Ingredients: handpicked, sun-dried and all organic butterfly blue pea flowers blended with lemongrass. Served with an orange slice.

Source: Matcha.Blue

5. The Forbidden Fruit Donut by Hurts Donuts of Nebraska

Ingredients: Jelly stuffed donut with food colored frosting.

Tide Pods

Source: Daily Nebraskan


Here’s more blue foods below:

Source: Kitchen Table Scraps