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Top 7 Food Destinations Around the World That Must be on your Bucket list

If you have always wanted to set out on a culinary journey and try out the delicacies around the world, we’ll help you create the perfect foodies’ travel bucket list. From Michelin star restaurants to tasting the best of street food, every destination has a gastronomical experience that’s awaiting your taste buds. Travel is as much as about sightseeing as it is about food. These are our favorite culinary travel destinations around the world: 

1. Barcelona, Spain

Known to be the foodie mecca, the destination has a great mixture of fine dining or old-fashioned tapas bars. You don’t have to limit yourselves to a few restaurants or eat outs here, enjoy a tapas crawl instead. From a variety of wines to tasty morsels, this is one of the top foodies’ destinations!  

Must try: Paella and Bombas

2. Istanbul, Turkey

A unique foodie scene awaits you in the spectacular city of Istanbul. This ancient city is blessed with a variety of natural ingredients and hence the cuisine is very diverse as well as flavorful. 

Must try: Döner Kebabs and Balık Ekmek

3. Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexican food is well renowned around the world and Oaxaca is one of the favorite food destinations in Mexico. From flavourful moles to handmade corn tortillas, there’s so much to try here. 

Must try: Mole and Tamales are some of the local favourites

4. Bangkok, Thailand

The food scene in Bangkok is popular and is especially known as the world’s greatest street food cities. Apart from the authentic and delicious Thai food, the city also caters to international travelers.

Must try: Nhong Rim Klong, also known as the Drunken Crab and Khao Tom Pla Kimpo which is a fresh fish soup

5. Tokyo, Japan

This mega city is known to one of the world’s capitals of dining. Tokyo must be on the radar for all food travelers. While everyone knows about the sushi scene here, but there is various other Japanese food to try. The meals are extremely instagrammable and delicious. This eating capital has over 234 restaurants that have at least 1 Michelin star.

Must try: The obvious choice, Sushi and Yakitori 

6. Singapore City, Singapore

Food and shopping are a part of their culture. From street food at the hawkers’ center to the top spots at the celebrity restaurants, Singapore caters to every kind of culinary traveler. You’ll need a well-researched itinerary to plan your travel to Singapore. 

Must try: Chilli Crab and Bak Kut Teh

7. Bologna, Italy

A vacation in Italy means, walking through farmer’s market and food market trying out their local delicacies. We would suggest you book a walking food tour to do justice to all the foodie experiences the city has to offer. From having lunch at the oldest pub in the world to trying out some of the unique wines here, the experiences are simple gastronomical! Must try: Tortellacci and Mortadella